Motorola Irrigation Controllers & Water Management Specialist

 We sell and service: Motorola, Control Tech, McCrometer, Uni-Solar, Netafim USA, Water Specialties and more.

Located in Immokalee, Florida, Ag-Tronix provides irrigation designs, sales, and service for all type of Agriculture or Turf applications. Our product line is diverse and offers clients the convenience of going with a turn-key contractor. 

Products List


AGT-AN2DI - Analog to Digital converter (4-20ma)

AGT-6DCSB - 6 Station DC Latching Switch Board w/ Surge protection

AGT-CNV12-6 - 12vDC - 6vDC Voltage Converter

AGT-RMS - Remote sensor  (pH, Temp, Soil Moisture, ORP, DO (only galvanic), Calcium, Nitrates, Carbon Dioxide)  *used with Motorola ACE



Central Command Centers, Family of Irrinet Irrigation Controllers:

Irrinet ACE, Irrinet M, PiccoloXR remotes, and Scorpio Controllers.

AC and DC models available


Irrigation Equipment


Filters, Field Valves (Manual, Hydraulic, or Electric), Hydraulic Tubing, Drip Tape, and Emitters.



Weather Stations

Our professional weather stations feature wireless and cabled technology at affordable prices. Used by thousands of schools, colleges, and universities throughout the world, they're also utilized in agriculture, industry, and research, and by homeowners, expeditions, storm chasers, and government agencies.



Solar Equipment


Solar Panels, Solar Panel Mounting Brackets, Voltage Regulators, DC/AC Inverters, Battery Chargers, Solar Electric Power System.


Electrical Equipment

AC/DC Relays and Bases, NEMA Enclosures, Surge Protection, Power Supplies


Water Meters/Fertilizer Meters

Water Meter Sales, Replacement Parts, Field Services, Water Meters, Fertilizer Meters and Hydrometers



Moisture Sensors

Our moisture sensors provide accurate, cost effective measurement of soil moisture by volume for most agricultural soils, enabling growers to obtain higher yields and better quality crops, optimizing water use and reducing excessive leaching.

The unit responds immediately to changes in soil moisture, providing accuracy to 1% volumetric soil moisture.

The rugged, easy to use probe can be used in permanent installations or inserted for a set period of time, such as the growing season.